After a specific amount of time, the industrial tanks and boilers are affected by the accumulation of pollutants that affect their functionalities and at the same time their production. TWM is highly prepared with the best quality standards along with a highly trained team in the area.

Type of Tanks:
Fractanks, underground tanks, boilers, septic tanks and process and hydrocarbons storage tanks.

Industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, oil products and others.

  • Deliver a comprehensive solution for the management of hazardous, and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste, and the cleaning of facilities, all with a single supplier.
  • Waste valorization as a primary objective.
  • Assess and execute solutions with the purpose of avoiding and/or minimizing the generation of waste, and optimize facility maintenance.
  • Recollect and transport waste securely and with traceability.
  • Deliver security and reliability to our clients, through a supplier management that allows the consolidation of alliances with companies that comply with the Colombian legislation and proper environmental management for the treatment and final disposal of waste.

Bogotá, Colombia
Carrera 47 N° 12A – 07
Tel. (57)(1)5553555
Cel. (57)318 476 4577

Carrera 16 No.20A-35 Neiva, Colombia
Tel. (57)(1)5553555
Cel. (57)3174335278

Planta TWM El Dindal
Km 19 Vía Neiva-Bogotá
Vereda el Dindal, Aipe
Huila, Colombia
Tel. (57)(1)5553555
Cel. (57)3165219374

Carrera 48Sur No.106-44
Via Picaleña

Ibagué, Colombia
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Campo Galán
Barrancabermeja, Colombia
Tel. (57)(1)5553555
Cel. (57)3164034469

Villavicencio, Yopal, Aguazul, Rubiales,
Puerto Lopez, Puerto Gaitán
Meta/Casanare, Colombia
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Cel. (57)318 476 4577

Carrera 30 No.11-45 Arroyohondo,
Yumbo Cali, Colombia
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Lima, Perú
Cel. (51)952861436