Management of Solid Waste

We provide from the waste generation stage, in order to achieve, along with comprehensive strategic planning, a low cost and secure management and complying with the current legislation and the sustainable development principles.

  • Management of hazardous solid and liquid waste: Chemical waste from laboratories, aerosols, contaminated luminaires, packaging and containers, industrial wastewater, etc. (Learn about our vactor service).
  • Reuse alternatives: RAEES, used oil, tires, alcohols and solvents, cans and containers, batteries, paper, cardboard, glass, etc.
  • Management of non-hazardous waste: composting and sanitary landfill.

Proper Treatment and Final Disposal of Waste

  • Alliances for post-consumption and reuse.
  • Alliances for incineration and safety cell with our allies who are duly licensed by the environmental authority and previously evaluated by TWM.
  • Certificates of disposal, treatment or use of the received waste, which will be generated by the corresponding partner or TWM, as the case may be.
  • Avoid the generation of waste through consultancy and feedback during the provision of the services.
  • Waste valuation.
  • Ensure waste traceability.
  • Solutions in all of Colombia.
  • Transportation with satellite monitoring.
  • Self-contained vehicles.
  • Trained personnel in order to deliver a quality service and with secure operations.
  • Complying with Decree 1076/2015 (Resolution 4701/2005), Decree 1079/2015 (Decree 1609/2002) and Resolution 1223/2014.
  • Software for the request of services, waste declaration, collection, traceability, and online consultation of waste management certificates.
  • Documented procedure for the declaration, recollection, transportation, load and unload of waste depending on the physical state and means of transportation.

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