Cleaning of pools and tanks

We carry out internal cleaning of tanks and pools that include the extraction of solid and liquid waste from the interior with specialized equipment.

The extraction of waste in tanks is done with the help of pumps and vacuum trucks. Subsequently, the application of diluents is carried out and, with manual help, the respective internal cleaning is carried out. The resulting waste is subjected to processes of chemical, thermal and centrifugation treatments in order to separate the phases, recover the maximum amount possible of crude, and minimize waste for final disposal.

For the case of cleaning and maintenance of pools, we have hydraulic dredges that allow us to extract the sludge from the bottom without putting the pool out of service.

Limpieza de tanques industriales

  • Leave tanks and pools in optimal conditions for the storage of new products.
  • Prepare the tanks and pools for repairs and welding work as part of scheduled maintenance programs.

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