How do I perform maintenance to my septic tank?

Tips mantenimiento - limpieza pozo séptico

Due to the industrial processes performed by companies, the septic tanks that store all liquid waste of said processes collapse. This results in bad odors at the tank’s location and plagues and unwanted animals that will affect both the image of the company and the process that takes place there. For these reasons, it is recommended that maintenance be performed to the plumbing system twice a year with a vactor truck. The vactor truck has a powerful pump that manages to suck water and sludge taking it to a tank in the back of the truck where it is subsequently transported directly to an environmentally licensed treatment plant where its final disposal will be conducted under all the applicable regulations.

Below you can see 5 key tips to maintain a septic tank in optimal conditions.


The septic tank’s design and its appropriate installation is vital in order to avoid future inconveniences. We recommend that a company specialized in this type of work be hired, since they will also verify the conditions of the soil and the environment in order for the septic tank to not cause any problems.

2. Unwanted Waste

Never throw extraneous items into the septic system, large solid waste (disposable, garbage, soil, among others). It will clog the tanks in a shorter time and its performance will generate problems and will need a greater frequency of maintenance.

3.  Resistant Cover

In order to maintain secure access and avoid objects and/or people falling into the well, it is advisable to have a resistant cover and, if possible, for it to be marked for its easy location.

4. Avoid starting a fire near the tank

The gases produced in the tank can cause explosions. In order for this not to happen, it is recommended that no objects or cigarettes be lit near the tank when it is uncovered.

5. Never enter the tank

To enter a septic tank, it is necessary to have training under Decree 1223/2014 and provision of adequate personal protection elements (PPE). Otherwise, it could have unfortunate consequences for the life of the person who tries to enter, and also for the company with very high fines.

In the event of any doubts in order to perform maintenance to a septic tank or the need to lease a vactor, TWM has the availability of trained personnel that will resolve any question, contact us.